Trail Etiquette for Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

  • Faster skiers should step around slower skiers when it is safe to do so. It is recommended that before passing a person should give a friendly warning before going by another skier or snowshoer
  • Trails are two way unless noted otherwise
  • Ski with care and control and use caution especially on downhills
  • Downhill skiers have the right of way
  • Climbing skiers should try to utilize the right side of the trail
  • Snowshoers and skate skiers should avoid damaging the classic tracks
  • Move to the side when being approached or passed by another skier.
  • If you have to remove your skis and walk for any reason stay as far as possible to the side and avoid walking on set tracks.
  • If you fall move as soon as possible to the side and try to fill any big marks in the trail to make it safer for another skier.
  • Stay well to the side if stopped to chat, re-wax or rest. Try not to stop at the bottom of hills and blind corners
  • Obey all posted signage
  • Keep pets off the trail
  • Be courteous to other trail users