Registration in now online only.  To register please click HERE.

Registration rates for 2017/2018:

NOTE: This year members will have to pay HST of 15%.

Cross Country Skiing

Family Membership (includes children under 19) $200.00

Single Adult membership (age 20 and up) $100.00

Junior Membership (6 years to 19 years) $ 35.00

CCNL Ski Association Fee (14 years and up) $ 17.00 per member

CCNL Ski Association Fee (13 years and under) $ 13.00 per member


Adult $50.00

Students (19 years of age and under) $25.00

Family (includes children 19 years of age and under) $100.00

CCNL FEES (INSURANCE) (14 Years and Up)per person $17.00

CCNL FEES (INSURANCE) (13 Years and Under) per person $13.00

Day passes and Ski Rentals are available at the White Hills Day Resort!

Because White Hills Ski Resort is staffed, it handles all day passes. For people visiting the area, Day passes get you access to all the trails. For more information please go to the White Hills Resort Website.